Spread the Love!

We are always looking for ways to help our children develop a deeper understanding of

Christian love. During this Valentines Day season, why not spend some time doing

service activities as a family? Not only will this be a great way to bond with your

children, its also a wonderful way to teach children how to spread the love of God.

Here are a few activities you can do with your kids:

Visit with Seniors

Contact your local retirement home, and offer to visit with the residents. You can simply

stop by several rooms and say hello, or you could deliver cards, flowers, or a handmade


You could also offer to organize a craft to do together with the residents. This would be

a good fit if you also have older children in your family who might be interested in

helping research and prepare materials.

Helpful Hint: Its always a good idea to mention that you will be coming with children and

share their ages. This way, the activities coordinators can assist with ensuring that the

visit is a positive experience for everyone involved.

Letters to Soldiers

Your church may have a relationship with a particular group of soldiers, and thats

always a great place to start. Another organization that facilitates letter delivery is

Operation Gratitude: https://www.operationgratitude.com/writeletters/.

This can be as simple or involved as youd like. If you enjoy crafting, you might use

your childs handprints or footprints to paint a heart on the front of a card, then write a

note on the inside. For a simpler option involving more family teamwork, young children

can create illustrations on the front of a card, and a parent or older child can write the

message on the inside.

Cookie Delivery

Enjoy some time baking cookies together. While they are in the oven, think of some

people who you really appreciate. Spend some time talking about why you are so

grateful for these people. Jot a quick note to one or two of them, and prepare for


For an added bonus, do a ding dong ditch by dropping the cookies outside the door,

ringing the doorbell, and leaving the house before they catch you. Not only is this silly

and fun, but it helps us remember that our acts of kindness are to serve others, not


What other ways do you have to spread the love?

Share your pictures with us at school or on our Facebook page and help other families

share the love this Valentines Day!

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