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Playing in Nursery

Our Story

BVS - The Little Schoolhouse

Once there was an old church in an old village.  And beside the old church was an old, empty Schoolhouse.  The people in the church had an idea.  They loved children.  What if their old, empty Schoolhouse could be a school again?


The people of the church thought about the things that would make their school very special.  They wanted it to be a place where children could grow joyfully, like little seeds in the warm, brown earth.  They wanted the children to have everything they’d need to be and become just who God had created them to be.


In April 1999, the Blawenburg Village Preschool opened, with twenty-four students.  It was a cozy, happy place where children made new friends and learned and grew together.  A wonderful school had come to life!


Today, that little old Schoolhouse welcomes almost 90 students into its classrooms.  You can hear and feel the love and laughter as you walk through our hallways.  We are privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to watch our Sprouts, Buds, and Blossoms develop and grow while they are in our care.  As many of our parents, past and present, have stated:  BVS is truly the “Hidden Gem of Montgomery.”

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